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Medical Marketing Tips For A Successful Practice

Medical marketing has advanced far beyond the reaches of print and television, however, most doctors and dentist’s offices define marketing as just that. This old world view can keep patients away simply because they do not know who you are and where to find you. If your practice needs a little help drawing in new potential patients, read on to find a few tricks a top California expert says changed their practice and their revenue.

Community Events

As a medical professional, you hold a key that not only has the power to impact your community but also your business. Consider hosting an event for free checkups in your area. You can narrow the field to blood pressure checks, dental work for uninsured patients or health screening for families. Not only does this greatly better the health of your community but also provides you with publicity. Advertise free screenings in the paper, much of which are ran as front page news.

Join Social Media

You would be amazed how quickly word of mouth travels in social circles. area gives you a window to the world around you, allowing you to connect to potential patients in your area. Share beneficial information to keep your feed valid and not spammy. Think health information that may help patients know when its time to see a doctor for certain conditions, offer coupons for flu shots or just interact with the world around you.

Blog and Blog Well

Google knows spam and it knows it well. Posting informative, excellently written blogs will land you on the upper pages of Google searches. If you do not have in house marketing staffs, consider reaching out to a medical marketing team who know the ins and outs of online marketing and keyword optimization.

Marketing your medical practice is a task that you cannot miss and a perk that you deserve. Keeping on top of your advertising in fresh, creative ways can make all the difference in a successful practice and a frustrating one. You signed up to help people… never think of advertising as tooting your own horn. Think of it as helping patients in need find you so that you can help keep them well.

Top 5 Health and Medical Marketing Tips

One of the most important elements of running any type of successful health brand or medical office is marketing. Marketing is the management process through which a business gets its products or ideas from the concept stage to the consumer and or patient. It is the coordination of the 4 p’s; product, price, place, and promotional strategies. Different types of medical practices or health brands use various types of marketing, but if they follow these five tips, their chances of success will greatly increase.

Top 5 Health and Medical Marketing tips

Tip #1 – Keep Your Ideas Fresh

The business climate is constantly changing. Companies that are stuck in the past and stick to the old rules of marketing and promotion will soon find themselves out of business. Understanding consumers, their habits, and how they react are of paramount importance and that data must be kept up to speed. Before implementing any marketing strategy check out the date that it was last employed.

Tip #2 – Quick Action to keep patients happy

James Mendelson, the CMO at Can Capital, says marketers will benefit most by jumping into the market faster, analyzing results quicker, and being more daring in their actions. He also says promotional and marketing strategies can and should change as you get feedback from the market. If things aren’t going as projected, change the game plan instead of trying to force the desired result.

Tip #3 – Keep Up With The Competition

The basics of marketing such as exceeding customers’ needs, knowing the competition, and effective positioning haven’t changed in decades. Christopher Pluto, the Dean of the Opus College of Business, says that’s true even though technologies for tracking them are changing at the speed of light. He feels failing to keep pace with these new technologies is a recipe for disaster. Taking online classes, executive education programs, and attending conferences are just some of the tools and resources available to help improve your competitive edge.

Tip #4 – Learn Google Analytics and let it be your guide

All companies with a strong online presence should be fluent in understanding, analyzing, and evaluating their online traffic. Bryan Semple of Dell Software says every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) should learn to ‘walk the talk’ with their team and gain credibility with company executives. He says most marketers grew up in a different environment and gaining online competency is extremely important in today’s business world. Learning and understanding Google Analytics will go a long way in making a CMO more effective at their job.

Tip #5 – Don’t Sacrifice Growth For Profit over patient care and results

A lot of marketers are so worried about their profit margins that they forget to plan. Ben Reiss, the Founder of Creative Los Angeles, says focusing solely on the bottom line can be costly in the long run and can prevent the company from achieving even greater goals in the future. Reiss’ tip is to be open to new ideas and to concentrate on both growth and making money.

The benefits of effective marketing are numerous. Consumer retention and loyalty, increased profits, attracting interest and attention, and gaining long-term customer relationships are just some of the rewards that can be gained from following these five marketing tips.

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