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Krokodil – a Dangerous Drug Indeed

There have been numerous reports in the media about the drug Krokodil and the dangers of taking this drug as a substitute for heroin. Taking Krokodil may be cheaper than heroin, but it is many times more deadly. Not that heroin is safe, by any means, but Krokodil has been called the most dangerous drug available today.

Krokodil Ingredients

The ingredients of this deadly drug consist of such things as gasoline, paint thinner, and other poisons. For instance, hydrochloric acid in Krokodil is what causes the skin to rot away and expose tendons, bones, and muscles. Those who shoot this drug are putting some very toxic things into their body and the results are devastating.

Krokodil Originated in Russia

Heroin addiction has been rampant in Russia, and it is likely that someone concocted Krokodil in an attempt to get a cheap high. It is reported that thousands in Russia have taken Krokodil as an inexpensive alternative to heroin.

Later some people were turning up in Germany who were sporting some serious skin conditions, reports stating that their skin was hanging from their body. More recently news reports say that there are confirmed cases of Krokodil use in Arizona, Utah, and Illinois.

Horrible Effects and Early Death from Krokodil

When someone injects the drug, the skin turns colors (purple or black) at the site of injection and sores begin and easily get infected. Gangrene results and the loss of a limb cannot always be prevented even with drug treatment.

According to studies conducted so far, the life expectancy of someone injecting Krokodil is between two to three years from the start of their drug use. However, many do not last out the first year.

If a user sees any adverse condition of his or her skin, he should not hesitate in getting treatment. If addicted to heroin, it is relatively simple to get rid of the addiction and live without any drugs at all.

It takes finding an effective drug rehab program which can detox, counsel and provide relapse prevention. Solution to Addiction has some facilities to refer an addict, ones that have the highest rate of recovery possible.

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